Certified Pharmacy Technician

Job Description:
  Main responsibilities will processing new and refill prescriptions:
both for home health care and specialty pharmacy, picking all supplies and medications on the compounding sheet and delivery ticket and stage these for pharmacist verification, generating delivery and pick up tickets, communicating as necessary with patients to determine their general health status, medication compliance ,drug and supply inventory , and overall coordination of care and patient service needs (custom assessments in CPR+); gathering , organizing documents and reports of clinical data for review and action by the patient care team (Pharmacist, Nurse and Prescriber),assisting in the coordination of patient assessment, drug compounding and delivery to meet lead times and delivery deadlines, performing sterile and non-sterile compounding according to the pharmacy policy and procedures manual and strict adherence to USP< 797>, passing all annual pharmacy competencies for employee compounding validations and other test as assessments as outlined in the policies and procedure manual as well as other responsibilities assigned by the manager.
On a day-to-day basis, the candidate will be expected to assist the pharmacist with counting, bottling and labeling of all specialty and oral medications, in accordance with state laws and regulations.
The candidate will also perform sterile compounding in the clean room according to the pharmacy policy and procedures manual and strict adherence to USP <797>.
The candidate will also maintain the pharmacy Quality Assurance Binder with daily, weekly and monthly checks on the temperature logs, cleaning logs as outlined in the policies and procedure manual.
To achieve this, you will be working as part of a team.
Your work will enable the company to achieve its goals.

Don't Be Fooled

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